Mt.Iwaki Pilgrimage [Oyamasankei] (Lunar August 1st)

Mt.Iwaki Pilgrimage [Oyamasankei]

“Oyamasankei”is an important intangible folk-cultural property.
Mt. Iwaki is really important mountain for people in Tsugaru since long ago. People carrying large banners and climb to Mt. Iwaki to pray for “bountiful harvest” and “family safe and sound” on lunar August 1. People from each village, they chant “saigi, saigi dokkosaigi” to flute and drum accompaniment. First, they go to Iwaki shrine to put offerings. And then they start to climb to the top of Mt.Iwak to purify of their sin. Recently, “Let’s walk Oyamasankei” is petty popular without circumstance. They just walk Iwaki office to Iwaki shrine.

*This pilgrimage’s chant has deep meaning such as to be pure body to go on the top of Mt. Iwaki.
○“Saigi Saigi” …acknowledge one's mistakes and reform in front of deities and Buddha.
○“Dokkoi Saigi” …give up worldly passions which lead them into delusions and sufferings

Mt. Iwaki Pilgrimage [Oyamasankei] Mt. Iwaki Pilgrimage [Oyamasankei] Mt. Iwaki Pilgrimage [Oyamasankei]
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