You can enjoy various sports in Hirosaki. It’s only an hour drive to get there, so you can try activities even short free time.
Why don’t you enjoy golf or winter sports in the balmy breeze?

Golf Course

Golf Course
Golf Course
Golf Course

津軽カントリークラブ 百沢コース(Tsugaru Country Club, Course Hyakuzawa)

This golf course commands Mt. Iwaki and located on the hill. You can enjoy free and easy shot. 18H / 7005Y / P72

ADDRESS弘前市大字百沢字裾野33-1(33-1 Susono Hyakuzawa Hirosaki)

津軽カントリークラブ 岳コース(Tsugaru Country Club, Course Dake)

Hilly short course. It's on the foot of a Mt. Iwaki. 9H / 2731Y / P36

ADDRESS弘前市大字常磐野字湯段萢 (Yudanyachi Tokiwano Hirosaki)

岩木川市民ゴルフ場(Mt. Iwaki Civic Golf Course)

This course’s price is very reasonable. There are 9 holes (par-30) and the course extends for 1480 yards (about 1350 meters). Mainly short halls. Both beginner players and advanced players may enjoy. 9H / 1480Y / P30

ADDRESS弘前市大字清野袋2丁目16-5(16-5 2chome Seinofukuro Hirosaki)

Ski resort Open: Late in December~in Mid- March

Ski resort
Ski resort
Ski resort

岩木山百沢スキー場(Mt. Iwaki Hyakuzawa Ski Resort)

There are “Beginner course” and “Kids Park” for beginners and Family. The course increases the degree of difficulty according to go above. The length 2000m slide down at once which recommend for intermediate and advanced skier and snowboarder.

ADDRESS弘前市百沢字東岩木山国有林(Kokuyurin HigashiIwakisan Hyakuzawa Hirosaki)
URLMt. Iwaki Hyakuzawa Ski Resort(Japanese pages)

ロマントピアスキー場(Romantopia Ski Resort)

There is a hotel called “Hakuchoza” which has hot spring and heated pool. And also there are many kinds of amusement facilities such as astronomical observatory, cottages, tennis courts, ski slopes, forest’s science museum, barbecue yard and go-kart track. You can enjoy that tasty dishes using world heritage Shirakami-Sanchi’s water.

ADDRESS弘前市大字水木在家字桜井67-2(67-2 Sakurai Mizukizaike Hirosaki)
URLRomantopia Ski Resort(Japanese pages)

高長根ファミリースキー場(Takanagane Ski Resort)

There is a hill called Takanagane-yama at the foot of a Mt. Iwaki. The slope is 13 to 27 degrees. It’s possible ski at night. There are 2 rope tows. You can enjoy camping and hiking in summer and of course skiing or snowboarding in winter. Takanagane ski resort is easy access to Ajigasawa(the Sea of Japan area) and also easy access from in the city area of Hirosaki or Mt.Iwaki.

ADDRESS弘前市大字高杉字神原282-72(282-72Kanbara Takasugi Hirosaki)

東目屋スキー場(Hogashimeya Ski Resort)

This ski resort is pretty small, but you can ski at night.There is only one rope tow.

ADDRESS弘前市大字黒土字山裾8-1(8-1 Yamasuso Kurotsuchi Hirosaki)
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