Area Info(Area Information of Hirosaki)

弘前駅前周辺(Around Hirosaki Station Area)

Around Hirosaki Station Area

Around station is a gateway of Hirosaki. There are JR Hirosaki station, Konan Rail way Hirosaki station and Bus Terminal. Various accommodations, commercial facilities and restaurants are found around Hirosaki Station.

城東地区(Joto Area)

Joto Area

Large-scale retail stores and restaurants are in Joto Area. An electronics retail stores, home improvement center and supermarkets that you can get many daily commodities at this area.



Dotemachi is Kamidotemachi to Nakadotemachi and Shitadotemachi that shops stand in row along the street. Also, there is a walkway from Hirosaki station to Dotemachi where holds “Hirosaki Marche FORET” every Sunday, 10:00am to 15:00pm in April to November. You can get fresh vegetable or processed goods there.



Kajimachi is the biggest restaurant and bar section in Hirosaki. There are many Izakaya, restaurants and bars. You can taste various dishes and drinks such as local dishes, Japanese cuisine, and foreign foods.

白銀町・茂森町周辺 (Around Shirogane-cho and Shigemori-machi Area)

Around Shirogane-cho and Shigemori-machi Area

Hirosaki Park, western-style buildings, temples and historical buildings are in this area. Zenrin-gai (Zenrin Avenue) which is Tsugaru Nobuhira moved all the temples to the southwestern side where he could keep an eye on them.
After getting through “Kuromon(black gate)”, 33 Zen Temples dot on the street, and there is “Choshoji Temple ” on the backside. This scenery likes surely “Little Kyoto of Tohoku.”

岩木地区(Iwaki Area)

Iwaki Area

Mt. Iwaki rises at Iwaki area so that it is richly endowed with nature. This area is full of tourists in all season to visit hot spring village such as Hyakuzawa hot spring village, Yudan hot spring village, Dake hot spring village and Haneguro hot spring village .

相馬地区(Soma Area)

Soma Area

This Soma area is in the north, there is Mt. Iwaki; in the southwest, there is World Natural Heritage Site “Shirakami-Sanchi”. This area is famous with starry sky for local people. The sky is filled with stars at night. “Romantopia” is the recreational facility with a star and forest theme. There are tennis court, go-cart trucks, miniature golf course, hot springs and more.

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