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Hirosaki Park

This web site is a site of the cooperation model project based on "Agreement for cooperation of Hirosaki University and Hirosaki city" concluded in September 2009. Our purpose is to deal with various local subjects pertaining to Hirosaki and to investigate creation of the city and local revitalization..
This is a web site that introduces Hirosaki’s charms from the viewpoint of foreign exchange students who live in Hirosaki city. There are many charms to Hirosaki though our city is too little known overseas. Moreover, things or places which foreigners feel as a charm are not necessarily the same as the charm which Japanese people feel. We are very pleased to send information of Hirosaki’s great and beautiful charms to a worldwide audience. By all means, please take a look. We are happy that if you find new wonderful discoveries in Hirosaki.


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  2. Plans, prospects or other no historical facts on this site are indicated from the information which can be obtained at present based on an operator’s judgment. Please understand that some information may be greatly different from the fact with various elements.
  3. Please understand the situation that the contents of the data, composition and etc., may be changed, corrected or stopped without a notice.

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    • Links of antisocial contents web site (such as adult site etc.).
    • Links of a website does not obey intellectual property rights(such as a site of pictures, characters or sound files on without permission or contents which promote the illegal copy of software).
    • Links of the web site that there is a problem in the contents we judged.
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We are striving to offer useful information to you with this site.
However, please understand that, the following business is not heard.

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