Apples and Cherry Blossoms

りんご (Apples)


Hirosaki's apple production is a top of Japan. There are about 3,120,000 apple trees in Hirosaki and harvest annually by about 160,000 apples. In middle of May, white little apple flowers start to bloom. Many apple designed things overflows in Hirosaki City.

About the Efficacy of Apples

We have a proverb such as “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It is literally that if you eat an apple every day, you can keep yourself physically fit.
Apples are very good efficacious for prevent high blood pressure, intestinal regulation, erase active nitrogen, retrain cancer, antiallergy, prevent teeth from decaying, odor eliminating effect, fair skin effect and etc. Apples are such a delicious as well as good for health.
Especially apples are become the focus of public attention with “Apples have effectiveness of discharge radioactivity cesium.”
Dr. Nesterenko(Republic of Belarus and, Belrad research) published the dissertation as "Release from the radioactive material in the Chernobyl area." In the paper that it is effective in ingestion of apple pectin using a radioactive material as an excretion thing, and taking it out to the outside of the body.
According to the research, they gave apple pectin to the children of Belarus 18 to 25 days after that, the radioactive levels of cesium showed an average of 30 to 40% of reduction.
Even if Hirosaki does not have influence of Tohoku Earthquake or Tsunami disaster and also do not have to worry about with radioactive contamination.
Not only Hirosaki city but also Aomori prefecture is measured amount of radiation periodically, so you can eat Hirosaki’s apples with no anxiety.
Why don't you eat Safety and Delicious Hirosaki's apples to be healthy body?


References The original thesis(in English)(PDF)
Thesis translated into Japanese by Kenji Tazawa, Professor emeritus of Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University(PDF)

桜(Cherry Blossoms)

Cherry Blossoms

In late April, cherry trees start to bloom in Hirosaki. Especially Hirosaki Park’s cherry blossoms are famous. Hirosaki Park’s Cherry is said to be originated that the Tsugaru Samurai ordered 25 cherry trees from Kyoto in 1715, and they planted cherry trees in the park. Hirosaki’s Cherry Blossoms are chosen such as Famous place of the three Japanese major cherry trees, the three major nocturnal views of cherry blossoms, 100 selected sites for seeing cherry blossom, 100 elections of cherry tree scenery and Michinoku three major cherry tree famous places.
Now, about 50 kinds and 2600 cherry trees are planted at Hirosaki Park. The difference between Hirosaki Cherry blossoms and other blossoms are Hirosaki’s cherry tree’s flowers are well-bloomed, looks like cotton candy. So that branches hang down under the weight of the cherry flowers, you can have a ringside view of graceful cherry flowers.
Moreover, if night comes, illuminated cherry trees will make a visionary atmosphere, and will charm those who visit.
There is a beautiful cherry blossom viewing spot, such as a tunnel of West moat or Pink Carpet of Fallen Cherry Blossoms on a moat. We are sure that you will find your favorite spot.

The Longest Row of Cherry Blossom Trees in the World.

The Longest Row of Cherry Blossom Trees in the World.

There are 6500 cherry trees lining a 20 km in the Hyakuzawa area, south foot of Mt. Iwaki. People started to plant cherry trees(Prunus sargentii) from 1985. The flowers start to bloom end of April and people enjoy good contrast those bright pink flowers with beautiful green foot of a mountain.

Orin Park

桜林公園(Orin Park)

Orin Park is also beautiful cherry blossom trees park. It’s near the Mt. Iwaki Hyakuzawa Ski Resort. There are 1000 cherry blossom trees in the park and you can enjoy BBQ seeing cherry blossoms. The contrast with Mt. Iwaki and Cherry trees are magnificent.

Cherry Blossom Viewing Party

Kanokai(Cherry Blossom Viewing Party)

Japanese people call“Kanokai”to go to see cherry blossoms. “Kanokai” is a nobel household word for the Cherry Blossom Party is held under the auspices of Emperor or the prime minister. People in Hirosaki sometimes say “Kangokai”. We bring foods and drinks and having a party enjoying cherry blossom trees. The beautiful cherry flowers make us drinks unconsciously.

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