Park Institution

Apple Park

りんご公園 (Apple Park)

Apple Park is planted 1200 apple trees of 65 varieties of apples. It also has a trivia corner where you can learn various things about apples. It also has corners where visitors can easily pick up knowledge and information about apples and buy apples and other products and there is a shop that you can buy apple products. There is farming workshops so that you can harvest apples when you visit in autumn. Also there is an observation tower that you can overlook Hirosaki city.

(125 Terasawa, Shimizutomita, Hirosaki)
Yayoi Ikoi Recreation Park

弥生いこいの広場 (Yayoi Ikoi Recreation Park)

Yayoi Ikoi Recreation Park has picnic area and auto-camping site so that you can enjoy sports or field athletics which is at the foot of Mt. Iwaki. And there is also little zoo that you can ride a pony or petting some animals.

(2480-1 Higashi Iwakisan, Hyakuzawa, Hirosaki)
Children's Forest

こどもの森 (Children's Forest)

Children’s forest is at Mt. Kudoji(662.9 high) which is suburb of Hirosaki.
There are visitor’s center which is exhibited the amphibians and fishes, botanical garden, open space and campsite. The road to Children’s Forest is the good for walking and bicycling.

(Yamamoto, Sakamoto, Hirosaki)
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